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Where to Find Us

You can find Teacup Baking Co.,LLC at these Farmers' Markets from April - December:

  • The Peterborough Farmers' Market at the Peterborough Community Center every Wednesday from 3-6pm (winter hours may vary)

  • The New Ipswich Farmers' Market at the New Ipswich Town Offices every other Saturday from 9am-12pm (winter location: New Ipswich Congregational Church) See our upcoming events on our home page for the schedule!

Look for a selection of Teacup Baking Co.,LLC products at these retailers:

  • Brookline's Finest in Brookline, NH

  • The Black Forest Cafe and Bakery in Amherst, NH

  • The Hancock Market in Hancock, NH

If you own a business and are interested in carrying our products please email us at teacupbaking@gmail.com for information on our wholesale options.

An Open Letter from Our Baker

Hi! I'm Stephanie Woods, owner and baker of Teacup Baking Co., LLC. It's very surreal being the owner of my very own baking business. Since high school I knew I wanted a career in the culinary field and if you can believe it, at the time, I hated baking. All the measuring and precision and the waiting, waiting, waiting. Who has time for that? Baking was boring with too much math and science. Junior year rolled around and it was time to start thinking about what I wanted to be when I grew up, what to study in my final years of high school and where to go to college.

I took a baking class for the sake of being a well rounded chef and something changed. I found that there was more to it than measuring and mixing. The more I learned about how ingredients work, the more it fascinated me. It became comforting to be able to rely on my strengths in math and science to excel at making muffins and cakes. I also learned that there is art and an ability to express yourself in baking by way of flavor combinations, decorating cakes, and shaping bread. Baking had stolen my heart.

After attending the Academy of Culinary Arts at Atlantic Cape Community College, and a few years working in the culinary field for restaurants and bakeries I felt unsettled. I was frustrated being confined to an establishments recipes and menus. I had all sorts of ideas and things I wanted to try. After some research I discovered my outlet: homestead baking. Most states have a set of guidelines for people who want to use their home to make a sell baked goods. Following New Hampshire's Department of Health and Human Services guidelines for Homestead Food Operations, I started Teacup Baking Co., LLC in 2019. In May I sold at my first farmers' market and it has only gotten better since.

My approach to baking is quite simple; make it taste GOOD. Let's face it, baked goods can have a lot of carbs and sugar, and are not nearly as nutritious as vegetables. So don't waste your precious calories on something that's just "okay". When I make a new recipe, I taste it with honesty and I keep changing it until it's the best it can be. I have no boundaries when it comes to baking; I want to do it all! Cake decorating, bread making, croissant shaping... every facet of baking has its own challenges and I love to try different methods and see what I can achieve.

Looking to the future, I hope that my baking will hook enough people to grow my business beyond the homestead and into a brick and mortar building. For now, I am content selling my products from home, at the farmers' markets, and at a few local shops. Thanks for reading!


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How to Order

For now, our ordering process is a bit primitive but all you have to do is decide what you would like, and send us an email at teacupbaking@gmail.com. From there we will let you know the soonest your order can be ready. We allow pick ups at our house or at farmers' markets, or we offer delivery for a fee. We do not have a shop that is open for walk in business but we do sell at farmers' markets in the area!